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Apply Now!

The 2024-2025 application is now available. 

The deadline to submit an application was April 1, 2024.

HCCS-PS - Pre-K - 8th grade   &   HCCS-SI - Pre-K - 6th grade

To access the application, simply click on the link below:

Steps to complete and submit an application:

  1. First, create an account using either an email or mobile number.  

  2. Second, a student(s) profile will need to be created.

  3. Third, you will be directed to complete the  application.

The school lotteries were held as follows:

PS lottery on April 3rd 

SI lottery on April 4th.

Please contact the schools via email at:

PS -

Si -

to find the status of your child/ren's application.

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