HCCS Mission Statement

The Hellenic Classical Charter School provides a diverse student body a rigorous education in a dynamic environment.  Using a standards based curriculum, enriched with the Greek and Latin languages, students engage in dialogue using the Socratic method to become critical thinkers.  Students are college and career ready and well prepared to succeed and contribute to the global community as responsible citizens.

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HCCS Greek Curriculum


HCCS students will learn to read, write, speak, and understand Greek starting in Kindergarten.  First, students learn simple words and phrases, then sentences and readings.  Each lesson contains a vocabulary of new words and many idiomatic phrases translated into English.  Singing, games and plentiful opportunities for conversation and practice are integral components of Greek Instruction.  Students also learn Greek culture and are exposed to and learn about Aesop’s Fables, Greek mythology, Greek philosophers, and Greek Folk Dancing.  HCCS also commemorates the two special Greek holidays, Oxi Day - October 28th and Greek Independence Day - March 25th with school wide performances.



HCCS Paideia Seminars

Beginning in kindergarten, students at HCCS participate in Paideia seminars usually as a culminating activity after a unit of study, at least once a month.  Students  learn to set individual goals for themselves and to reflect on their seminar performance.

The Paideia Seminar, and its intellectual rigor paves the road for college and career readiness


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HCCS Student Awards

HCCS proudly honors our hard working and deserving students.  Monthly, HCCS recognizes elementary school students  with student of the month certificates and quarterly HCCS recognizes our middle school students with Arista, Principal's List and Honor Roll certificates.